"I’ve worked with Chris for two months, and he helped me improve certain aspects of my game that needed work.  Growing up in Croatia, I was exposed to similar drills which were taught at all levels there. As a seven year NBA veteran, I can say that Coach Chris is capable of improving players at the NBA level as well as players at the high school of college level. His program challenges you to improve all aspects of your game.”
Bruno Sundov 
New York Knicks

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​​“Chris has trained several of our clients over the years and it has helped them continue their development even as professionals. The drills Chris teaches have helped my clients improve their games which in turn have led to them getting better paying job opportunities as professional basketball players.  Many of my clients have been shocked that they were never exposed to these drills during their high school and college careers.  The basketball world has changed dramatically over the past ten years as a result of basic fundamentals that are being taught in Europe.  Chris has been abel to utilize his experience as a player and coach who practiced these drills over many years and mix it up with his own innovative ideas to create a cutting edge type of program which improves players at all levels.”
David Maravilla